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What we do

Faqbot transforms companies's FAQs page into chatbot that is installed on the web, Facebook and Messenger platforms.

Faqbot is a platform to build personalised and guided conversations with your customers for FAQ, customer support, sales, marketing and lead generation automation.

Faqbot enable companies to automate their organisation processes to create self-servicing chatbot that is accessible online 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Lead generation
Sales support
Customer support
Internal commun-ication


FAQ Automation

Faqbot builds a FAQ database based on your existing FAQs content and response to same questions that are formulated differently. It learns from each conversation to improve its responses.

We enable you to curate FAQ that is driven by your users.

Sales and lead generation automation

Mapped out your sales process and automate this to collect sales leads online.

Install Faqbot on your website, Messenger, Facebook page, Intercom chat-box or your proprietary applications to drive sales conversion or lead generation.

Custom guided conversational flow

Faqbot lets you build custom conversational flow between your bot and users to guide them to a desired outcome.

We help you to automate your customer support, lead generation and sales processes.

Build your own self-servicing conversational agent to empower and engage your customer.

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