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Lampiris is an independent Belgian supplier of green electricity and gas. In 2016, with more than one million customers, Lampiris was acquired by Total with a view to continuing its strong growth, development of new integrated product offerings and market expansion effort.

Lampiris seeks to enhance prospect engagement and lead generation initiatives across the social media channel. It launched an automated conversational bot with Faqbot as first line prospect engagement to guide online visitors in estimating their energy consumption. This enables Lampiris to make a personalized offer that is adapted to consumption.

Social Energy

Social Energy is a UK based smart energy trading network technology company working together with Duracell Home Energy Storage for solar PV and battery storage customers.On their artificial intelligence-powered platform customers can swap and trade their solar energy with other network customers, or sell it to the National Grid meeting its FFR standards.

Social Energy uses Faqbot to provide its customers with 24/7 high class customer support powered by AI. Answering everything from simple everyday questions to complex technical questions.This frees up their service agents so that they can focus on more complex customers requests.

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