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Dour Festival

Dour Festival is an internationally known annual music festival in the municipality of Dour, Belgium. It was first created in 1988 with only five bands on the program, while now the festival format consists of 5 days, 9 stages and more than 280 bands and DJs.

Dour Festival uses Faqbot to keep their festival-goers informed with all the latest information related to the festival, how to get there, accommodation and much more. This allows their employees to tackle more complex issues and requests. Informed festival-goer is a happy festival-goer.

Brussels Motor Show

Auto Salon (FEBIAC) is FEBIAC npa federation is the federation of the car and two-wheeler industry in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and has over 100 years of experience. It represents the manufacturers and importers of the means of transport on the road (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorized two-wheelers, bicycles) in Belgium and Luxembourg; and this at European, international, federal and regional level.

One of FEBIAC’s missions is the organization of the Brussels Motor Shows. These Shows are recognized by the OICA and are on their official Motor Show calendar. Each year in January, Brussels Expo becomes the biggest showroom of Belgium.

Auto Salon (FEBIAC) uses Faqbot to help all the Motor Show enthusiasts find the right answers to their frequently asked questions regarding the exhibition and ticket sales.

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