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Forum Jobs

Forum Jobs is the leading temporary staffing company in Belgium with a strong regional presence, operating over 30 offices, mainly in Flanders. Active in staffing general blue-and white-collar profiles, and serves various niches including food, call centres, construction, and technical profiles. With a turnover of more than 115 million €.

Forum Jobs uses Faqbot as the first point of contact for everyone that visits their web page. Through a conversation the chatbot helps job seekers looking for permanent or temporary employment as well as employers in Dutch, French and English. Connecting the right people to the right jobs.


Maxicon, created in 2015 by a team of experienced outsourcing specialists, keeping outsourcing of technical staff as its main focus. Since mid-2017 Maxicon also has a team of outsourcing with a specialization in ICT, Retail and Engineering. Maxicon also uses drone technology to make various industrial applications safer and more efficient. Today, more than 130 people are active within Maxicon, from its head office in Ardooie and office in Drongen, Belgium.

Maxicon uses Faqbot for lead collection. Which encourages its users to engage with their brand more and in a seamless, conversational way. Avoiding tedious form filling. Faqbot provides Maxicons staff with up to date information of their future prospects.

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