Install and publish your Faqbot on the FAQ web page of your website or Facebook Page.

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The Benefits of FaqBot

Simple to set up

Transform your existing FAQ web page into a conversational experience within minutes. Signup, copy-paste the web link to your FAQ page and we will do the rest. No programming skill is needed.

Intuitive engagement

Faqbot enable one to one engagement with visitors to your website and facebook page. Allow your customer to access your FAQ conversationally via their smartphone. Simple as texting and chatting, not boring and waiting in queue for answer.

Empower customer support

Faqbot serve your customers based on your existing FAQ content and continue to learn from each conversation. It continues to enhance its relevancy through machine learning. We reduce your customer support workload by deflecting contacts for basic FAQs.

Why Faqbot?

Customer support service is important, customers often ask the same questions without reading the FAQs page because is it boring to read, or not updated and call center phone line can be a long wait.

Faqbot is an advanced customer support technology that transform your companies's FAQs page into a conversational agent based on the web, Facebook and Messenger platforms.

Faqbot's conversational agent answer the frequently asked questions based on your FAQs content or allowing you to take control of the conversation directly thru our messaging app feature. Our product simplify the tasks of your customer support team and put them in charge of the Faqbot.

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Platforms FaqBot

Cross-platform FAQs

Install FaqBot on your Facebook page or your website and reach your audience from Messenger, Facebook and your website based-popup window.

Mobile Web
Mobile Faqbot Mobile Faqbot

No coding required

We keep things simple, there’s no coding required. With Faqbot any company can create his chatbot in less than 2 minutes, signup, add your FAQ Url, copy-paste automatically generated script and you are ready to go.

<script type="application/javascript">
var FAQBOT_PUBLIC_KEY = "Your Account Key";
<div id="faqbot-58rZl8DgthS"></div>
<script src=""></script>

Artificial Intelligence at your service

Our AI understands and answers your customers questions based on your FAQs content and is continuously improving its relevancy with usage.

Free Up The Time Of Your Customer Support Team To Do More Work

The support questions to your support team are often repetitive, let Faqbot do the job and if needed your agents can take control of the chat.

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